Soccer + Golf = Footgolf!

Our FootGolf course is officially Open!

L1050815The newest sport taking the world by storm has come to Cedarburg!  Baehmann’s Golf Center has installed the Milwaukee area’s first permanent Footgolf course, you’re invited to stop by and check out the fun.

Just like regular golf, players kick off from a tee box and attempt to get their soccer ball in the cup in the least amount of kicks.  The larger 21-inch diameter cups are placed off to the side of the regular golf greens.  You can kick out of the sand, over the water, or around a tree, just not off the top of the green’s putting surface.

Players bring their own size 5 soccer ball (or smaller for juniors), though we have a few rental balls available as well.  MQ4T0025_CTSMIt’s not only fun, but a great training aid encouraging more precise kicking techniques.


Indoor soccer shoes or or tennis shoes only please, as cleats would damage the course.

Check out our World Cup FootGolf Team League by clicking here.

Cost: $6 (weekdays) & $7 (weekends/holidays) for 9 holes

No reservations required.